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I'm looking for blogs, articles, YouTube Channels, and other resources focused on Home Automation. What are your go to resources for keeping up to date on Home Automation?
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I don't have any resources for keeping up to date on home automation, but I am starting to dive in because I have actual things that need automating -- rather than things that would be cool to automate.

So what are you automating now or what do you hope to automate? Are you concerned about which hardware/software?

I am looking at Belkin's WeMo products because I know and like Belkin products, but with Apple HomeKit gaining traction I am wondering about them as well.
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Response by poster: I'm a Mac, IOS user, so things compatible with that would be useful. I'm interested in the entire thing - video, security, lighting, power switches, motion detection, etc. It's mostly for personal use, but I'm interested in business applications as well.
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Possibly more new features and things to come after September 9, when Apple is expected to announce the new Apple TV which is rumored to be the hub for HomeKit automation products.
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