How do I get things delivered? (France edition)
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I need to order some art supplies from this place and have them delivered to my residency outside of Toulouse. The problem is, they don't give me the option to add in my US billing address; they only offer France and Morocco. Any ideas about how I can get around this? Or perhaps there is another art supply store I could order from that acknowledges foreign billing addresses?
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Did you try asking them? Usually webshop design is not indicative of actual store policy.
posted by acidic at 1:10 PM on June 26, 2015

I imagine they could take your info over the phone.

Are you looking for super rare supplies? I'm sure some bigger US stores like DickBlick ship internationally.
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Best answer: I live and have a bank account with a card that I can't shop online with, it has no visa symbol.... I've gotten around it by using PayPal....
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