Things to do in rural Pennsylvania?
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My partner and I are taking a 4-day, 3-night vacation over the 4th of July weekend somewhere in the Pennsylvania wilds...but seriously what is there to do in Pennsylvania besides visit this awesome dark sky park?

We are celebrating our country's independence from Britain, and our independence from's our 2 year anniversary! Hooray!

I've already rented us a house near Cherry Springs park and registered for a night sky tour, but I need advice on what else to do when we're not staring at the milky way. Also I'm getting worried that it'll be rainy all weekend.

We enjoy: being outside, swimming, kayaking, sunsets, wildlife, hiking, water features, other non-motorized water recreation, interesting things, weird things, museums, comic/game/book stores

I'd specifically love recommendations for somewhere to rent kayaks and float around (nothing too wild, no big rapids or anything, just casual paddling) and somewhere to go swimming, and maybe something inside in case it rains.

Anywhere within like a 1-2 hour radius is good.

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Johnstown, site of the massive Johnstown Flood. See the remains if the dam plus a pretty good museum.
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Colton Point State Park, aka the Pennylvania Grand Canyon is nearby (1 hour) and worth a visit. There are a couple of relatively easy hiking train options, but no kayaking or swimming, and it wouldn't be any good in the rain.
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In Corning, NY is the Corning Glass Museum.

In Scranton, PA is the Steamtown National Park.
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A further drive than what you'd like but the highlight of my PA trip was going to Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece.
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Kayaking in north central PA? This may be what you're looking for. Good beginner paddling.

I've never actually been to Kinzua Dam, but I understand it's actually pretty spectacular--one of my in-laws' favorite weekend trips.
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Seconding Fallingwater. It was the highlight of my PA trip also.
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Just be aware: Fallingwater is nearly 4.5 hours drive from Cherry Springs. Scranton is ~2 hours away. So some of the suggestions you're getting are way too far for the radius you set.

Near to you (and in your radius) are the Hammersley Wild Area, which is gorgeous in July. Also, the Tioga State Forest.
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