James Perse-like Brands n' Retailer's? Lifestyle Branding n' Placement.
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I live in Los Angeles and produce a men's leisurewear line. The style is very relaxed and loose fitting, and is directed towards a high-end men's market. Think "ethnic minimalist by the shore"

James Perse mirrors the perfect lifestyle for my brand and that I would like to sit with in a retail environment. Others choices include CP Shades and Dosa.

An ideal local retailer would be Fred Segal.

What other examples are there of brands and metropolitan retailers that would compliment the line?
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Looks a lot like Everlane to me.

Perhaps Frank & Oak? Zara? Combatant Gentlemen? I know I can think of more along these lines. These come most readily to mind.
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Wow, I was just thinking that there should be a market for more gender-neutral clothing styles. Guys shouldn't be stuck with only pants or shorts (or kilts) as options.

I own a few James Perse items due to an aunt who loves their sales, I'll take a look when I get home at a few similar non-JP pieces she's given me for Christmas. I have a couple of loose-beachy hoodie things that seem like a good fit.

Shoe-wise I think SeaVees are a good branding fit. Luxury, beachy, slightly different. Maybe Swims or Soludos too (I love Soludos...like Toms but better-made).
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