Trying to remember a song with a spoken word element
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I'm trying to remember a song I listened to many times years ago - it had a great spoken word part at the beginning of a woman talking about how we use wheels and doors for their emptiness - very similar to the Tao Te Ching chapter 11:

I'm not 100% sure it was the exact same writing, but it was very close. It was an EDM type song from either DJ Spooky or DJ Shadow I think. It was from the early 2000s at the latest. I thought it was on DJ Spooky's Under the Influence album, but I just skimmed through on Youtube and I can't find it there.
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Best answer: You were close, it was on Riddim Warfare.
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Response by poster: "“Thirty spokes are made one by holes in a hub, by vacancies joining them for a wheel’s use. The use of clay in molding pitchers comes from the hollow of its absence. Doors, windows, in a house, are used for their emptiness. Thus we are helped by what is not, to use what is.”

— Laotze

Thanks! That quote has haunted me for years.
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