Cute, modest swimsuit?
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Looking for a women's swimsuit that covers pubes and armpit hair. Ideally not super expensive. Online or in store both fine.

This doesn't have to be knee length or anything, just want a girl-styled suit that covers the small amount of hair that pokes out the sides of a traditional swimsuit. On top, open to either a suit with short sleeves, or wearing a regular top style plus short sleeved rash guard over.
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does it have to be a one piece suit? In terms of bottoms there are tons of "boy short" style swimsuit bottoms that would conceal things well.

For tops, there seem to be a ton of sleeve'd swim top options out there..
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Lands End has plenty of the rash guards + board shorts or skirted bottoms.
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Would you be open to a board shorts/rash guard combo? I just bought these shorts from Sports Authority and they had lots of cute options for both shorts and tops. Check the one pieces at Modcloth as well, they have some that will definitely work for the bottom coverage and then you could pair with a rash guard.
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If two-pieces work, Lime Ricki has some cute short-sleeved tops and boy shorts. I'd recommend searching for LDS bathing suit shops in general, as they often hit a sweet spot of stylish with a little extra coverage.
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Old Navy had a bunch of rash guard type swimsuits when I was there earlier this season.
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I like the stingray suits. I have the sleeveless version and need to replace it soon, after using it through periods of more and less swimming, for six years. They seem to run small, based on actual measurements, not due to confusion between US and Australian sizes.
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Free People has some cute fuller-coverage stuff in their Surf section, like this rashguard with matching boy shorts, or this longsleeve monokini that is cut fairly low in the leg.
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I just got triathlon shorts from Target. Comfy, meant to be swum in, not too expensive. Then, since they sell 2-piece swimsuits by the piece, I found a bikini top that I liked.
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Nthing rash vest and either boy short bikini bottoms (same coverage as big knickers) or full-on board shorts (same coverage as Daisy Dukes) - browse through a few online surfing stockists.

I tend to wear a bikini top under my rash vest, but depending on boob size you may or may not need to do that.
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Land's End is having a huge swimsuit sale right now AND they have a TON of modest options in every size imaginable.
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I have yoga shorts like this (same brand, got at Kohls) that I wear with a swim top. I wear a bikini style bottom under it. It's been in chlorinated pools and in and out of rivers dozens of time and has stayed in good condition. I think it's a lot more flattering than the mens shorts style.
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Also... pubes... those short shorts really were insufficient. I'm of mediterranean descent so ymmv but if you're asking the question I would guess that you'd like the option with better coverage - it's worth trying on. The triathlon shorts from Target that jillithd talked about above are probably the same thing. I've seen them called bike shorts, triathlon shorts, yoga shorts and compression shorts, and they're sold where the workout gear is.
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I just got this Cocoship retro-style swimsuit on Amazon, and I love the shorts-style legs. The inseam is only about an inch, so I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but it's cute, relatively modest, and affordable--$27.
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