Where to get good quality bed sheets in Melbourne?
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I need a set of new bed sheets for my Queen bed that will be long-lasting and good value.

Hello, I'm in Melbourne, Australia and would like to get your tips on buying (either from a physical retailer in the area, or from an Australian online retailer) good sheets.
I don't know anything about bed sheets except that thread count is usually a 'good thing' and Egyptian cotton sheets are meant to be nice.
I just want some fine quality, durable sheets for my bed.
I've looked online and a lot of them cost in the A$100 - $250 range for a set of queen sheets. Is this normal?
I'm happy to pay whatever the going rate is for good (not royalty good, but pretty darn good good) sheets, I just don't want to be ripped off.
Any suggestions welcome.
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Best answer: I love good quality sheets and have bought a fair few sets for tourist accommodation. My go-to shop/manufacturer is Canningvale. Their seconds and specials can be 80% off if you sign up for their email list. Their towels are excellent too and all stock has a 5yr warranty. Australian milled and made.

Alternatively, the extraordinarily heavy linen sets that Aldi sometimes sells are fantastic too, if you can find them.

Target sets are not bad but wait for a 50% off deal.

Higher thread counts don't always mean longer lasting. Try for something around the 350-500 thread count and make sure it's not a poly/cotton mix (unless you like that kind of thing).
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I prefer buying sheets in brick and mortar store because sometimes a higher thread count in certain brands doesn't actually feel as luxurious as you'd think, so it's good to be able to feel them first. I have found that Adairs stocks a pretty decent range of sheets and even the quite affordable ones are excellent quality.
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I buy Sheridan sheets from Myer, David Jones or the Sheridan boutiques. They last for ages. They are expensive so I never buy them full price. There are winter sales on right now, or you could find some bargains at one of their factory outlets.

You might find this Reddit comment on thread count helpful.
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Agree about Sheridan, mine have lasted close to a decade and look new and feel great. I love the Sheridan Deluxe range. Go to David Jones and Myer NOW - they're having 50% off all Sheridan!
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