The Santa Hunters film?
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Trying to find the short film about hunting and taming wild Santa Clauses.

There was a video I saw (where else?) on the Internet some years ago. It was set in Lapland, I think, and was about a company that goes out into the wild tundra and captures Santa Clauses (naked old guys running around in the wild) and shoots one with a tranquiliser dart, takes it back and trains it to hold a small child without savagely attacking, and then ships the "tame" Santas to malls across the world. It was live action and very well-done. Google-fu turns up a lot of Santa stuff (including a surprising amount of porn) but I can't find this video. Any help?
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It was originally here (I still have it in my bookmarks, in the "dead links" section), but it looks like they took it down for some reason. It's actually called Rare Exports, Inc., and you can download it here.
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Thank you!! :)
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(If these things matters to you, that video is NSFW.)

Great video, but the set-up is's almost half over before you get to the "payoff" of what they're hunting.
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