Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to decorate my bicycle!
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I don't like the colour of my bike (a steel touring bike) but I don't want to pay to have it re-painted. I'd like to slap some nice, solid-coloured or patterned decals on the frame instead. Do people make these? Where would I find them?

I don't need to cover the whole frame, but ideally I could get different stickers for the top, down and seat tubes.

My searches (Google, etsy, e-bay) yield only name-brand decals or wall decals in the shapes of bikes, so even a nudge with a better search term would be great. Thanks AskMeFi!
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Reflective tape.
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In college I covered my shitty bike with stripes of colored electrical tape. Made it really easy to pick out from all the other shitty bikes and was also 1. easy and 2. cheap.

They make duct tape in SO MANY colors and patterns these days, too, that you should have lots of options if you go that route.
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I hope this is okay to link to an fpp I did recently? If not please delete this comment - but there are links to people who have upgraded their bikes through paint, decoupage, and stickers. Hope this is helpful - sounds like a really fun project!
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RydeSafe and Fiks are two companies that make reflective stickers in snazzy patterns.
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Bike wrappers?
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My three speed is a former 70s Motobecane 10 speed lugged steel alley rat. I decorated its tubes between the lugs with wood-patterned contact paper. Looks kinda neat.
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I know you said you don't want to paint it, but it might be cheaper than you think. I had a touring bike powder coated a few years and it was $140 for frame and fork, and I sent it to the most expensive place in my area (they specialize in bike painting). This also included drop off service at a bike shop - so a mechanic took it apart, had it couriered back and forth from the powder coater, and reassembled the bike for me.

If you brought the frame yourself into any old automotive powder coating shop and weren't picky about the color, I bet it would be cheaper than most of the bike wraps linked here.

If this is a bike you don't care about though, just wrap it in tape.
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