Where to watch a Women's World Cup game in Toronto?
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I'm interested in going out and catching the quarter final game this Saturday in Toronto. Where would be a good place?

Not usually the sports-bar type, but would be interested in going and watching with other people. A bar or cafe would work, but mainly interested in having other people out and watching as well.
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Any time I've watched the (men's) world cup in Toronto it's been in Little Italy, especially Cafe Diplomatico which is usually nuts during a cup final. For a final match you have to call for reservations in advance and show up like 1-2h early, and sometimes they have a minimum charge too. Anyways...

I can't say if they will make the same amount of fuss for a women's cup sadly but it may be worth calling.
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I would just google "Soccer Bars Toronto". I've watched three women's games at bars so far this tournament (in the US). In a normal bar you may need to ask to get it put on tv.

The soccer bars are packed with folks wearing colors, etc. You might need to go early to get a table (If you're not the "bar type", you definitely want a table).
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Thing is most bars in Toronto that are known for watching soccer on TV are associated with a particular country (Italy = Cafe Diplomatico; England = Scallywag, etc.). For watching a game in which Canada is involved, it's a little harder to pin down.

The Dock Ellis on Dundas West is a good spot for enthusiastic sports watching. It's typically focused on baseball, but I'd bet there will be a good crowd there. If you want to go all in, try Real Sports next to the Air Canada Centre. A two-story LCD screen will be showing the game.

Looking forward to other answers as I'd also like to do this.
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You can try The Football Factory on Bathurst, just south of Queen. They have the World Cup games listed on their online calendar. It's certainly not the fanciest place, but at least you know everyone there will be interested in watching the same sport.
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Along with the Dock Ellis, there are two other "hipster sports bars" on Dundas West. The Contender posted on their Facebook page on June 11 that they were showing the Canada game, so probably they will show this weekend's match.
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Real Sports will definitely be showing it, and apparently its the largest TV screen in a bar in North America.
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