Please assure me my Tinder is malfunctioning
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I recently started using Tinder again after not using it for about nine months. In a week of use, I've only had one match - and that on the first day. Last year, not to brag, I would have had upwards of 50 by this time. My ego is mortally wounded.

The facts:
- I'm a straight dude; fit, fashionable, and fairly attractive. My pictures are fine.
- In my nine months of dormancy I moved from one city with many tech-savvy young people to another city with many tech-savvy young people. There are lots of people using Tinder in both cities.
- When I stopped using Tinder last year, I deleted my account from both the Tinder app and from Facebook (i.e. the standard way) and when I started again five days ago I created a new account.
- I swipe right conservatively, but not *that* conservatively.

Is my account broken? Could I have been shadow banned? Is it my great success last year that was unusual? Could this be a cruel experiment? Please tell me I will not die alone.
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Have you changed what's in your About Me / bio section? I know personally I'm like 90% more likely to swipe left on someone who has nothing (or nothing good) there.
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Since you last used Tinder, they have changed their monetization strategy. You now need to pay for swipes. I am sure that has significantly lowered peoples interaction with the app. I think especially women might less willing to pay thus you get less matches on your swipes.
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Yeah, people can't just go swiping right anymore willy-nilly. You only get so many free Likes per day. The Tinder buffet is no longer all-you-can-eat.
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You get like 100 free swipes a day; it's not that limiting.

How old are you? If you had a birthday that put you out of some people's max ranges that could mean that fewer people are seeing you.

And yes, having a literate and not-blank bio is a good idea. Have you checked your profile to make sure it has the pictures you think are on there? Some people let it default to whatever they had most recently on Facebook; the photos of grandma and their kids are NOT hot.
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Thanks for the answers. I agree, 100 swipes seems like a lot to me.

So probably it is just a change of city + one year older. That is depressing.
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