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My new job uses and competition to uncover the good stuff, even from the semi-discarded "Shark Tank" leads and contacts. Teach me your tricks for sorting leads and contacts to find potential sales. What are the best filters to add when creating views to screen out junk? What are the best ways to make sure that if an old lead starts to come back from the dead (say, with fresh Pardot activity) that I get there first? I am ready to learn, sensei. Show me the way.
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This largely depends on your company's implementation of SFDC. It's hugely customizable, so things vary widely from shop to shop. As a general rule of thumb, the more complete the inquiry forms are, the more qualified the lead. Spending your time on unqualified leads is the number one waster of salesperson time. Qualify and win or walk. If you're going to lose, lose early.

If you're in sales, what I would probably do in your shoes is figure out who a real hitter is in your organization who doesn't compete with you, and ask for some tips on how they're using SFDC. If they're not using it, find out why. Then find someone else who is. Ask around.
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No offense but giving advice like this is pretty much someone's career. They're probably not going to drop everything to give you a free consultation

Every implementation and business need is unique. I've never heard of Shark Tank. Is any amount of engagement good enough for you to consider them qualified? Or do you need to know their average ticket size or location? Is having Demo'd them before a good thing? Or a bad sign? These are the questions I would ask were I your Salesforce admin. BIANYSFDCA
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Response by poster: I'm new at my job and limited to the junk leads. I'm looking for tips for sifting through discarded contacts and leads to get the stuff that might actually have some life in it. As an example of the kind of thing I am looking for: a co-worker showed me how to create a custom view that screened out common giveaways that a name or phone number are fake (add rule: "phone"/does not contain/5555,1234,0000 etc.) and then sorted by recent Pardot activity. Another tip I was given was to try filtering out gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and other freebie email domains because the resulting pile would be heavier on company emails that were more likely to be legit.

I'm looking for things like that.

Also, is there a way to get notified when something new slips through a set of filters like that?

Even a primer on Salesforce filter syntax would be helpful.
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