Shared Google Calendar events self-destructing?
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The small business I work for (~15-20 people) has begun using a set of shared Google Calendars. It's great! Except that every couple of days the events we put in delete themselves.

We've got several separate calendars—production, social media, events, etc.—all of which are shared with the whole team. Inside each of them we've all been adding calendar events.

Every few days—between two or three days and a week—all of the events delete themselves. (Not just from our individual calendar apps, but from the calendar itself.) So far we haven't been able to figure out any common theme here, and short of running elimination tests for all 15-20 of us who have access to the calendars, which sounds terrible, I can't think of a way to rule anything out. Have any of you experienced a problem like this before?

Relevant additional information: Our business uses Google Apps, so the calendars are being created by our boss ( and shared out to other people on the same Google Apps domain (
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I had the same problem with disappearing events on google calendar. If you log into your GMail account, they reappear. At least, it did for me.
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Best answer: What apps are people using to access their Google Calendar? I've seen iCal sometimes modify Google Calendar events when people simply accessed the events through it, which is of course spooky and annoying. I've also seen apps like Zoom create entirely new Google Calendar events when I chose the wrong combination of options on the mobile app (happened just a few days ago!). And I've seen apps like Outlook completely mix up times on Google Calendar events, even on ones that appeared correctly in Google Calendar (happened this morning!). My money's on an app of some sort messing things up.
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Best answer: IIRC, this happened at the firm I worked at, when the secretary didn't want anything on her calendar and deleted the events. She thought she was deleting them from her calendar. She was deleting them from the master.
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Best answer: Admin Console ->Reports->Audit->Calendar

i.e. you apps administrator should be able to tell you if someone is deleting the events.
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Response by poster: Success! The Audit feature helped us figure out exactly what was going on—turns out one of us was getting duplicate entries due to a "Delegation" feature that was turned on by mistake, and when she deleted the duplicates the originals would vanish too.

Now we are happily using shared calendars like adults. Thanks!
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