Logos like this?
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I am looking for logos that are made of type and symbol (where the type is made of multiple words) but with several versions where the positioning of the words in relationship to the symbol change.
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You mean how like the arrow smile in the amazon logo shifts from a to z to just a? (But with multiple words?)
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Response by poster: Kind of. I am looking for logos where the placement of the symbol in relationship to the words vary. Or maybe at least two versions of the logo, where the symbol changes its position.
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If you Google logo horizontal vertical, you get several.
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The "Intel Inside" logo sometimes has both words inside the swoop, but sometimes, ironically, the "inside" is outside. When it's outside, it is sometimes south, southeast, or east of the symbol.

The Baskin Robbins logo appears with the words "Baskin Robbins" in various locations relative to their sneaky BR/31 symbol.

In the CBS news logo, the "CBS" and "news" words are sometimes on one line, sometimes on two.

The Microsoft logo almost fits your requirements - the word "Microsoft" appears in various places around the Windows symbol, but it's only one word.
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The NBC news logo is another example.
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Do you mean where the configurability itself is a key defining element of the design? IDEO used to do this (and many more variations besides) but doesn't now.
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Polo Ralph Lauren. In some versions, the polo player is placed between the words "Ralph" and "Lauren", in other versions the word "Polo" is placed under the polo player, with "Ralph Lauren" writter with smaller type under the word "Polo". In some versions "Polo" is written left of the polo player and "Ralph Lauren" on the right side.
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