Picture ideas for my living room wall?
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I'm redecorating my living room and am in search of an arty, affordable framed print that will complement the existing decor. Ideas please? Specs inside.

The picture will go on one of the room's two larger walls. The adjoining wall has a 20"x26" print of Van Gogh's Night Cafe, and elsewhere in the room I have a Chat Noir poster. I want something that will go well with these, but be a bit brighter and crisper than the Van Gogh. My couch has cushions with these Ikea cushion covers, and it would be cool if the picture could talk to those in style to some extent.

I was thinking of a Kandinsky, but decided I don't want to go abstract -- a human scene of some kind is my preference. Poking around on the web I found some Eugene Savage art which I like, but printing and framing this in a large enough size (it should be at least as large as the Van Gogh) would apparently run to about $170, while I'm hoping to keep the expense under $100.

Please throw some ideas at me, artistic fellow MeFites!
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Matisse, maybe?
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You said you didn't want to go abstract, but Robert Delaunay seems to fit your IKEA cushion covers and some of the tone of Night Cafe.
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I think Chagall's Joie might be an interesting addition. The colors and shapes complement the pillow.
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Response by poster: Forgot to say that, in addition to specific art/artist recs, pointers to reasonably cheap sites for prints and/or frames would also be appreciated. Keep the good ideas coming!
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What about using a wall decal you stick on hardboard and hang that from your wall, without a frame? Great Big Canvas frequently has very good sales so you can get a big wall decal for not a lot of money. We did this with a huge Art Nouveau picture of a slightly spooky woman playing a flute. It was gorgeous but I can't locate a picture of it. It is cheaper than a canvas print and looked nice.
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I recently ordered some custom prints from Fracture Me for my mother and they turned out beautifully! The images are printed right on the glass. It looks like they offer a huge selection of art prints too, so it might also be a good resource for some contemporary art.
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I think you should check out some thrift and antique stores for something unique. Both pieces you currently have are pretty common (because they're great!) so it would be cool to have some original art, or at least something fewer people are familiar with. Depending on where you live, you can probably find some local artists on Instagram or something. I got my favorite piece from an artist here in Atlanta--he was offering it on IG and I got an amazing deal and got to meet the artist himself. Visitors are really impressed (which matters to me but may not to other people, I know) and I love looking at it! I've also gotten lots of stuff at the antique market, and the thrift store in a fancy neighborhood. Good luck! Buying art and decorating are some of my fave adult hobbies.
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Adding to masquesporfavor's thrift/antique store ideas - I buy large frames with and without artwork from thrift stores/estate sales/garage sales. Sometimes the frames are in good shape, sometimes I give them a coat of black spray paint and then add my own artwork. If I need glass, I have the hardware store cut it. This is the cheapest way I've found to frame things.
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I too thought of Robert Delaunay. Something like this is explicitly Parisian themed, echoes the circular motif on your pillows, and might hit a balance between figurative and abstract that you may be okay with.
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