Attractive laptop/phone/table charging station solution desired
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I'm sick of the mess of usb and power cables all over my living room and specifically on the side table next to my spot on the couch. What solutions have you come up with to deal with the ugliness of an abundance of frequently used electronics that you want to have handy that passes a reasonable adult living room decor bar?

I'm particularly interested in wooden solutions (they would fit with what we have) and would also like to cover power bars and cable runs. I don't want to use drawers because I like things being handy on the side table (and my current setup is drawer-less). I've considered using a wooden file sorter or something like this Bamboo charging station (However I have more stuff than that would hold).

It be extra nice if it could also hold remotes and a wireless keyboard in addition to two phones, two tablets, two laptops.

Anybody have any better solutions?
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Ikea just started selling wireless charging stations — I don't know if that kind of thing appeals to you, but they're here if you're interested.
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Response by poster: The wireless charging stations are intriguing but alas not compatible with most of my gear.
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Response by poster: Also I meant the title to be tablet and not table. Oops!
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i went to Michaels and got a big woven basket without a lining. One kind of like this.

I put a power strip inside and then ran the plug out of a hole I made in the back by pulling apart the weaving. I run any cables that plug into the power strip through the handle holes and keep the basket lid closed. The weaving lets enough air permeate so that I don't worry about heat. Now, it just looks like a basket and not a rat's nest of wires.
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