Brownish liquid in fermenting fennel?
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Dig this jar of fermenting fennel in the style of sauerkraut. It's all bubbly and shit! But also the water at the top is all brownish and shit! Is this something I should be concerned about?
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Response by poster: It's just made with salt + water + fennel, and smells pickled-y. The bits of fennel that floated up above the weight holding most of it down have also turned brownish, but the fennel beneath the weights hasn't.
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Best answer: When I've had this with other vegetables, the brown vegetables are still edible but not pickled by the 7 day mark. Eat them ASAP and leave the rest.

Going to try pickling fennel now.
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Best answer: Oh the water will change color - totally normal as long as it tastes and smells normal
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Best answer: It's normal! You can spoon the discolored liquid off if you want (as you can with weird moldy liquid in a ferment) and it will keep on doing its thing. Go ahead and taste it every few days, and throw it in the fridge when you think it's done.
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Response by poster: Hooray!
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Sauerkraut? As in cabbage? As in CHEAP ASS CABBAGE?

When in doubt, throw it out. No way I would risk that.
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Response by poster: ... no? it's fennel?

Oh, I see what you mean. Still, if it's normal it's normal.
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This is all totally normal.
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Agreeing that it's normal -- just the veg oxidizing. (Cabbage will do the same.) But! You should also become familiar with kahm yeast, if you're not already. It's not harmful, and most folks say it doesn't affect the end product too much, but it makes things a bit too funky for my taste.
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