Making art prints from a vintage book online
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I found a gorgeous art book online with images I'd like to make into art prints. How can I do this given that all I have is a sort of cruddy resolution jpg?

I just became aware of this book, Popular History of Animals for Young People. It's gorgeous, and i would love to print this image in poster size to frame and hang on my wall. I have professional printers who could do this given a suitable file. Would it be possible to convert this image file to make it printable and look nice? Or how would I obtain a high res file for print? Even an 8x10 size would be fine, although ideally I'd like it 16x20.

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Best answer: That image won't work, but the book is on in a much higher-resolution scan. I don't know that I want to download all 2 GB (that's the version of the book you want) to verify the exact size, but it should be fairly high quality.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I saw that the book was on but didn't know if any of the formats would work. I'll try that and see what the printer says.
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If I want the best resolution I can find, I use PDF Viewer, a free program, to convert specific pages into images.
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Best answer: Here's the full resolution image. It's from that 2GB+ file. It's a little bit better than than what's on web viewer on
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If you have a decent digital camera, you can take tight, high resolution pictures of pictures. Funny things come up, though. Suddenly you will see things like the paper has a grain, or the image in the book was dot matrix and not very high resolution at print. For fun I used to photograph renaissance statues, then photoshop beach wear onto tem, and flesh tones. They printed in good size. With sharpening tools in imaging programs you can get more size than you might hope for.
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Response by poster: Wow, gregr, this is perfect! Thanks for nabbing that for me, I really appreciate it!
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Copies of the book itself, which printers could scan from, start from US$33.

[Edit: Ignore this suggestion, there is no guarantee it isn't just printed from the Archive copy, with poor resolution. Sorry]
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