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Looking for low-cut black leather pointed toe ankle boot. Please help!

In the past two years I've bought two pairs of black ankle boots with pointed toe. Both pairs were super cute, but had manmade uppers, and the quality was low so they didn't fit well and looked beat up (in a bad way) pretty quickly. I'm looking for a pair that's good quality, youthful looking, and made of real leather. My usual brands for good quality footwear (e.g., born) have failed me, as they mostly have stuff with a less pointy toe that skews older.

My three special requirements that make this hard:
1) I want a fairly pointy toe. I'm OK with a little bit of almond-y shape, but the pointier the better.
2) I want a very low cut ankle. See this boot and this boot. I've purchased both of these and they are aesthetically basically perfect (the second one is SO PERFECT), but I want real leather because both shoes have no stretch and
3) I have a slightly wide foot, so very narrow + synthetic uppers is asking for foot trouble.

I know it's hard to find a pointed toe for a non-narrow foot, but that's what I want, dammit! And I want a sexy low ankle. Do these boots exist? Are certain brands more likely than others to carry this kind of style, come fall shoe season?

I also fell in love with these, but they ran out in black before I discovered them. :( Please help!
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Try Googling Beatle boots, Chelsea boots, or jodhpur boots, though jods are likely to be less pointy than you want.
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Maybe this Derek Lam? Or if that doesn't work, the description might give you some other keywords to try.
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What is your budget? I love these from Margiela but they are expensive, even on sale. Seconding using Chelsea boots as your search term.
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Did you try emailing Madewell to see if/when they'd get those boots in black back in? There's an "add to wishlist" button so maybe they are just temporarily out of stock.
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Best answer: If you like the Madewell boot, a shoe repair place can easily dye them black for you.
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I just bought a pair of these Vince Camuto booties in black leather. They may not be pointy enough for you, but they have a very low cut ankle, are super sexy, and surprisingly easy to walk in. Plus they're on sale at Nordstrom Rack.
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Response by poster: Dude, if I don't find anything else I'm totally going to buy the mink Madewell booties and dye them myself! Thanks for the tip!
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Best answer: I've used this leather dye several times. Works like a charm.
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I'm wearing these boots right now. I've had them over a year, but now they're on sale! Completely awesome shoes- good quality leather. They're what I reach for most of the time. Totally comfortable for a wider foot. I did recently have a shoe repair guy fix the soles, but they're generally in good shape despite near-constant use. I bought them at the Shoegasm store in person, but it looks like you can buy them online.

I like Madewell in terms of looks, but none of the shoes I've bought there have been comfortable, unfortunately...
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Roper at Zappos
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Response by poster: Update: I "lucked" (hohoho) out and found the Joelle Bootie from Lucky Brand, new for this fall. It's perfect! And very comfortable for my medium/wide-ish foot, when most pointed-toe booties tend narrow. Yay! I'm a little sad I didn't get to try my hand at leather dying, though.
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