Why does Windows Desktop Search keep "forgetting" my Outlook items?
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Why does Windows Desktop Search keep "forgetting" my Outlook items?

I've got about 20,000 "items indexed so far." I open up Outlook (2003), let Windows Desktop Search index my .pst files, then I've got 40,000 items indexed. Problem is, by tomorrow, those 40,000 items will be back to 20,000 and I'll have to index Outlook again. What a pain in the butt. Any ideas?
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Windows searches are a pain in the behind. I use Google desktop at home. I am 99% sure it will search your Outlook items, but can't sure because I don't use Outlook myself.

The first index takes a while but after that it's plain sailing. Google desktop has effectively become the command line for all the files and apps on my computer.

Make sure you run it in minimised view so it isn't doing all the RSS, weather and other bits and pieces you don't need.

It might be worth a bit of investigation.
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