California - MFT Psychology License + LAc Acupuncture license = ?
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Dear Ask MeFi, I'm a Californian student thinking about possible career paths. If I were to complete licensure in Psychology, as well as in Acupuncture (MFT and LAc here in CA), would I legally be able to practice both modalities with my patients? Thank you, Confused Apprentice Practitioner (CAP)

I already have extensive experience in Chinese Medicine; just no license yet.
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Yep, I know two practitioners who do this. One has since moved to another state and is doing the same thing there now. As long as you have active licenses for both, you're fine.
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I don't know anything about what you can and can't do, but I could easily understand a practice that combined the two nicely, particularly if you focus on specific, stressful conditions/practices. My acupuncturist is also nutritionist who focuses on fertility issues (she was referred by my OB/GYN). I could very much see this specialty in conjunction with talk therapy, particularly marriage and grief counseling. I could also see this with stress disorders, injury-related depression, etc etc etc. I think particularly in urban areas of California, there are people with an appetite for a mind-body approach to illness of all kinds.
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The issue to consider is avoidable dual relationships with your therapy clients. You will likely be setting yourself up for trouble (as in, suspension or loss of your therapy license) if you provide both services to the same clients, very much so if you are offering any herbal medicine.

This AskMe has more citations and explanation:

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