IKYNMD - High Creatinine in Blood - Normal Phosphorus - What Gives?
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Yes, IKYNMD - waiting to see nephrologist, in the meantime, for the last 2 years my creatinine levels have been steadily rising - while other than anemia, low vitamin D, somewhat low RBC, WBC, elevated MCV, MCH, everything is ok. Phosphorus levels are within normal range.

I feel fatigued all of the time, have had a persistent rash now for over 3 weeks, and just when I think it's fading, it comes back again. The itch started as an allergic reaction, bringing me to the ER where I was given scripts for steroids. Long story short, the lymph areas effected eased up, most of the rash in the head area cleared but the rest has migrated to breast, thighs and stomach. Itchy welts keeping me up at night. Deleted a lot of problematic things from diet and environment, installed water filters, washing without detergents, and not a dent.

It's very hard now to climb stairs and have to rest a lot. Bad medical care and a lot of inconsistencies with little follow up, coupled with having a hard time just getting around now has led to backsliding in finding answers to what has been ailing me. So, posting here, maybe someone can help me figure out things a bit, since google has failed and this is all taking a bit of a toll emotionally.

I'd appreciate any ideas of what this could possibly be and TIA.
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I hope you get in to see your nephrologist soon. This sounds very kidney-involved. Anemia, itching, fatigue, and obviously high creatinine are all signs of kidney disease. Hopefully nephro can figure it out for you.
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Best answer: Creatinine is a marker of kidney function, so the fact that it has been rising over the past two years means that your kidneys have been working less well over the past two years. Both kidneys have to be affected for the blood tests to get worse.

Depending on how high the creatinine is now, the rest of your symptoms could all be due to the kidney failure. Your nephrologist will be able to tell you when you see them. If the itch is due to kidney failure, we usually suggest moisturisers and antihistamines, you could try buying these over the counter if you want to.

In terms of why you have kidney failure, nobody can answer that over the Internet. The most common causes are diabetes and high blood pressure, so if you have those it's worth putting extra effort into controlling them well, but your nephrologist would usually investigate you for the more weird and wonderful causes (blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, possibly biopsy if the answer's still not clear).

It's good that you're already due to see a nephrologist - they'll be able to answer all your questions, and I'm sure you'll feel much better when you have a clearer picture of what's happening.
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