Tell me cool stuff along this Portland bike route
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Portlanders! Here is a map of a waterfront bike tour route. Can you tell me cool stuff to see/do/and especially eat along this route? A two- or three-block detour is okay but we will be a bit time pressured so can't go too far afield. Thanks!
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Boke Bowl is a great spot to stop for lunch. If ramen isn't your speed, Bunk Sandwiches is right next door.

Its about 5 blocks away from the route, but one of the best, last low-profile coffee shops in the city is down near the Sellwood bridge. Seriously, nicest baristas and most of them have competed professionally. They also make their own chai that is, and i say this as a non-chai drinker, fucking phenomenal. They rotate different roasters in and out, so ask them what they think is best for the type of drink you want; they're very helpful.
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Admire the submarine parked at OMSI. You could roll through Oaks Amusement Park, which is quaint and retro (I have yet to see it in operation, but the website says it happens). You can splash in the Salmon Springs Fountain, and the market is right next to that. The trains going over the Steel Bridge are picturesque. There are some riverfront eateries with sidewalk seating at SW Montgomery St.
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The downtown portions of that route, both east and west, don't offer a whole lot as far as places to stop and eat if you're time-restricted; I would second Boke Bowl or Bunk.

One thing to remember/know is that the Sellwood Bridge is in the process of being replaced, so there is likely to be some awkwardness as far as bike access to the area goes. I haven't ridden down there in a while to know the specifics, but be prepared for detours and delays.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Boke Bowl was awesome and we also got Cool Moon ice cream at the other end of the route (a little more out of the way than I'd planned but it all worked out). Very fun little outing!
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