how register a car in a vacation home
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Is it possible to get a car registered in Oregon if you a) own property there but don’t live there year-round and b) don’t want to change your out-of-state driver’s license?

Here is the problem: I moved abroad a while ago, and my old car is sitting in the garage on my family’s property in Oregon. My parents live on the East Coast and come to Oregon in the summer. They’d like to use my car while they’re there, instead of renting a car. But the vehicle registration on mine has expired, and we don’t know how to renew it.

My parents own property in Oregon but they do not live there year round. They also have Connecticut drivers’ licenses and they would prefer to keep those. If I transfer the title to them, would it be possible to get the car registered in Oregon?

We are all going to be in Oregon together this summer, so it would be nice to get it figured out.
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I speak from experience, having just moved to Oregon and having a car to register and title: call the DMV. They are actually super helpful and will give you the exact information you need.
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I do vacation and non-resident car registration stuff all the time though not in Oregon. This should work. You will need proof of insurance to (re)register the car in Oregon. You need a US address and proof of identity and US citizenship. The car will also have to pass emissions. DMV website is here and surprisingly non-lousy.
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You do have to actually register it in person, but this is perfectly acceptable in Oregon. Check out this page, about halfway down, it says this is acceptable if:

"The vehicle is usually left in Oregon when the owner is away from Oregon, is used primarily for personal transportation in Oregon, is a private passenger vehicle or a vehicle having a loaded weight of less than 10,000 pounds, and is not a motor home or a camper."
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Thank you so much! I'm so relieved to hear that this is going to be possible!
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