Suggestions for a CRT suitable for professional photo editing?
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I'm looking for a good CRT monitor that would be suitable for professional level photo editing.

It seems like many manufacturers are moving away from making CRTs in favor of LCDs, but I'm not ready to shell out $1400 for a LaCie LCD. Ebay is an option for good, out-of-production CRTs but color degradation is a problem. Are there any newer CRTs that fit the bill?
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What is your budget?
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you don't have to get the $1400 display to get good color done. According to the lacie website the prices for 19-20 in lcds are around $700-999. Yeah, that's still a lot of money.

I would look into finding a new lacie crt monitor from a reseller who still has them in stock.

Not crt but according to picture magazine Eizo monitors are supposedly great for pro photo work.

Lastly...I believe Viewsonic still makes crt monitors.
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I have a 22 inch Viewsonic that I'm pleased with. It was around 800 dollars.

By the way, my research indicated that there are no LCD monitors on the market, for however much money, that can match the color gamut of a CRT display. plus you are guaranteed no dead pixels.

although they are kind of heavy and they grow dim after a few years.
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The Viewsonic G220f is a reasonably competent CRT.

Unfortunately, the better CRTs that I'm aware of are either out of production, or are just as expensive as a Lacie 321 or an Eizo ColorEdge LCD.
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You want to find a second-hand Hitachi CM-827 or similar. They have some of the fastest-refreshing, highest resolution and best colour quality you'll find in a CRT, anywhere. Some other brands sold rebadged Hitachis and they can be worth looking out for.
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