Best Dylan live concert on DVD?
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What's the best live Dylan concert available on DVD?

I haven't seen a good one, but I'd love to find one.
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Not live, but have you seen Masked and Anonymous yet? The soundtrack on CD is great as well. The movie features a couple great performances from Dylan/Jake Fate and his current band/Simple Twist of Fate. It's neat because it's very much the arrangment and performance style he has used in recent years.
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This is a great question, but with Dylan, you want to decide which Dylan period it is that you want in a live concert. Early Dylan w/ Joan Baez on the folk scene? Dylan with the Hawks in the UK? Rolling Thunder in 74? 80s born again phase? late 90s rejuvenation? This is crucial.
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The Rolling Thunder CD kicks ass, but I don't know if there's a DVD. Having seen Dylan live a few times, I can't say that he puts on much of a show or anything.
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There is a concert DVD with the Bootleg Series: Live 1975 (aka the Rolling Thunder tour). Haven't watched it, though.

But, yeah, ol' Bobby Z's not exactly what you'd call KISS.
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Ideally I'd like a live Dylan DVD from the 60s or 70s. Not interested in anything from the 80s and forward.
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Royal Albert Concert Hall, in terns of historical value. It was the time during which Dylan first switched from folk to rock, and most of the people in the audience were anticipating the former. The first CD is all acounstic, the second CD he plugs in. And Sofa King rocks.

My favorite part? When you can hear a member of the crowd yell "JUDAS!"
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Oops, mea culpa. I didn't see the DVD part. I have "Don't Look Back," which was film in Europe in 1967, and also features Baez and the dreamy Donovan. Good stuff.
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Brittanie: You had me all but ready to add this heretofore unknown DVD to my xmas list, too... oh well.
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Brittanie: "Royal Albert Concert Hall, in terns of historical value." ... "Oops, mea culpa. I didn't see the DVD part."

Chunks of this, along with what appear to be post-concert crowd interviews, appear in the recent documentary on Dylan, which, while not incredibly encyclopedic, is worth it for a few great moments.

The crowd interviews, which seem to be both from the Albert Hall and from other places on the British tour, are really crazy. Every other person hates him, and, at one point, a fight almost breaks out between two people, one of whom hated it, and one of whoms says, "he's just doing his own thing."

The video included doesn't stop at the end of the show, but follows the band out to the "getaway car," and on into the next day.

One wonders if this video exists for public consumption. I'd really like to see it if it does. This is probably worth an AskMefi question itself. Does anybody know about this?
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Bob Dylan: MTV Unplugged is also on DVD. But Don't Look Back and No Direction Home are your best bets. (new outtakes here -- iTunes link). Don't be tempted by Bob Dylan World Tour 1966: The Home Movies -- it's terrible, unless you like Mickey Jones. There is also Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974, which is marginally better. Tales from a Golden Age -- Bob Dylan 1941 -- 1966. Eat the Document is for the very patient (it's very long), the Last Waltz for the impatient (Dylan's screen time is truncated). Bob Dylan 1975-1981: Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years could be interesting. Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration.

Koeselitz, the footage you're speaking of has not been released.
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Tell me about it.
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But a lot of Don't Look Back is footage from that tour, no?
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No. The footage both koeselitz and I long for is from a later tour -- 1966. Don't Look Back is 1965, and it’s all acoustic. It is very interesting nonetheless because you see a conflicted Dylan, who had gone electric in the States (releasing Highway 61) and rejected folk idealism, but he still had to go through the motions of an acoustic folk singer in the UK. Also, Joan Baez is still romantically interested in Dylan, who is distant; Dylan makes Donovan into a sort of humorous foe, confidently one-ups him in a jam session, and then mocks him on stage during a particularly funny Talking World War III Blues at the Royal Albert Hall; and Dylan argues with the Science Student, a reporter from Time Magazine, and yells at a drunken Scotsman who may or may not have thrown a glass out of the window of his hotel room.

No Direction Home has the most footage from 1966, taken from an unreleased D.A. Pennebaker film of the tour. It was shot in color. The crowds in the UK were particularly hostile to Dylan then, much more so than their American counterparts. This section is interesting, aside from the music, because Dylan is hostile back, ironically placating crowds by telling them that “these are all protest songs” and reprimanding photographers from the media by exclaiming “I don’t do that to you.” By the end of this tour, Dylan is a zombie, depressingly answering questions from the press with monosyllabic responses, longing from another “Dylan” to take his place on stage, and wishing simply to go home.
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The "unreleased D. A. Pennebaker film" I refer to is Eat the Document. I Don't Believe You Real Media clip (middle of the page). Otherwise, try e-bay.
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Forgive my schoolboy error, Mr Marcus ;) I didn't realise both were Pennebaker's footage. Donovan comes across as a dick in both, too.
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Hmmm. According to that wiki page, No Direction Home contains "much" of the footage. Have you seen Eat the Document? Is there much more that isn't included in NDH?
Thanks for the replies, BTW - fascinating
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There's quite a bit more, actually. The Dylan and Lennon scene is well worth the 12 bucks.

I knew this Dylan obsession would come to fruit.
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luckypozzo: "Otherwise, try e-bay."


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