Wahl trimmer comb 8mm
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I usually cut my own hair with a Wahl Super Taper with a #3 (10mm) comb, but the edges of the cut are always pretty bad and using the next step down #2 (6mm) is a bit too drastic of a length change. Where can I buy a #2.5 (8mm?) comb attachment?
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Have you used to side lever to adjust the length of cut?
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I use a similar Wahl. I don't know about getting an 8mm comb, but the taper lever built into the unit gives you about 2mm worth of adjustment.

So, with the 10mm comb, have the taper lever fully retracted. Then, when you put the 6mm comb on, push the taper lever out. You can then retract it all the way if you need a shorter layer.

Info here has more detail.
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Response by poster: I... I had not considered this, but it makes perfect sense.
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I lost the blades to my Wall Lithium Ion the other day and checked on their site to see the if they have an online shop. Turns out that they do, and you can also call their "contact us" phone number and special order and part you need that isn't on the site.
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