Help Me Recreate Amazing Migas!
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When I was in Monterey I had a tex-mex migas like I'd never seen and I've always wanted to recreate it at home. it was the traditional tex-mex migas ingredients (tomato, bell pepper, onion, egg, cheese, tortilla chips) but it came out standing whole and firm, not unlike a flan and it cut like one - moist but really sturdy, not falling apart, almost like a quiche? The non-egg stuff was diced superfine and just melted into it. How did they make this and how can I do it at home?

I think cilantro purée and possibly sour cream were added to the egg mix but I can't be sure.
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Was it an inception-like tortilla within a tortilla?
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Not really, it didn't have the charitaristic baked sides of an omelette - more like it was poured into a ramakin and maybe broiled and then turned over onto a plate?
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I prefer my migas more Tex than Mex, and I'm not 100% sure what you're describing, but steaming the scrambled egg mixture in a ramekin might give you the texture you're looking for.
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It almost sounds like you're describing a frittata with Tex-Mex ingredients/flavors.
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Do it in the oven?
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Sounds a lot like a version of Chilaquiles.
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chilaquiles sounds closer to what I had because of the sauciness/creaminess -a frittata would be too dry -- but it really arrived on the plate like a little flan and kept its shape as you cut it and how did they do that/how can I do that?
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Savory flan then? Plus migas ingredients.
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Try searching for migas recipes with casserole or bake in the title. Here's one and another. Ingredients are not the same as yours, but maybe the method would help?
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