Temperpedic knockoff?
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I slept on a Temperpedic bed and it was great, however they retail high. Is there a knockoff? Or something close but not $6k.
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The Casper mattress seems to be getting good reviews, and it does have a money back guarantee which reduces the risk.
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We got this one from Amazon four years ago and it's been great.
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Yup, seconding the Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress on Amazon. We've had ours for 4 years now and I love it so very, very much.
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What do you want -- just memory foam? We received our new king-sized Tuft and Needle yesterday, which we bought for $750 based on reviews here and elsewhere, including sleeplikethedead.com -- though it's definitely not a futon mattress. It was the least stressful purchase of anything I think I've ever had, and if you don't like it after the sleep trial (note: buy directly from the site, not Amazon) you can just give it to Goodwill and get a refund.
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If you're so inclined, you can jump down the rabbit hole of the Mattress Underground. You can probably find a source for a very comparable memory foam mattress at a fraction of the price pretty quickly on here. Or you can embark on a months long project to find the perfect mattress layer-by-layer. I recommend the former.
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Read through sleeplikethedead. There are so many options out there.
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I wanted one for manny years. Finally we got a Tempurpedic. Frankly we are a bit disappointed and when I talk to other owners they would not buy it again.
Main complaints: to hot, sinking in a deep hole, not much support for intimate activities..
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We had one of those Sleep Innovations ones from Amazon during our arduous mattress search. While we have never had a Tempurpedic, we have tried them many, MANY times in various stores, and at least from that sampling, I found them much better than the Sleep Innovations. The cheaper mattress was simultaneously too firm and too soft - it felt like a rock when you layed on it, but over the course of the night it offered surprisingly little support (far worse than our previous memory foam, so I know it's not a memory foam problem). It also offgassed really badly. We had it for about a month before throwing it out, and the smell never subsided. Again, much worse than our previous memory foam mattress (which I forget the brand of, but it wasn't a big name). I almost wonder if we just got a bad one, because there are so many good reviews of it online. But all I can go from is our experience, and it was much worse than other memory foam mattresses we've had and tried.

I'm not going to say it's impossible to get something adequate for less than the cost of a Tempurpedic, but I would say that my experience suggests that there is a difference between Tempurpedic and the cheapest ones. If you're going to try something else out, make sure you fully understand the return policy or are willing to eat the cost (which is what we did with the Sleep Innovations).
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You might want to read The Old Bed Guy blog (sorry, can't link).
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Thirding the sleep innovations mattress. It's amazing.
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Costco sells the Novaform brand. I love the fact that I spent less than $1000 on a Cal King mattress, plus it had Costco's money back guarantee. No need to use it...mattress is awesome.
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I also have had a NovaForm mattress and found it very comfortable - also Costco will give you a full refund after you've used it for a month or two if you're unsatisfied, so it's pretty low risk. They have a few different models and in my experience there really is a difference in firmness between them, so I'd recommend doing some reading to figure out which would suit you best.
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My costco novaform was the Serafina model. It's medium to firm and it was a good fit for me.
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We replaced a tempurpedic with a costco nova form, and found the novaform to be much more comfortable. The tempurpedic was too firm and too hot.
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We've been sleeping on the Sam's Club version of the temperpedic foam for more than six years. We love it. I think the king size was $6-700 when we bought it. Worth every penny.
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Tuft and Needle
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Here is the Old Bed Guy link btw. Definitely worth seeking out because he has some firm [sic] opinions.
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Get a Tuft & Needle (firm) or a Casper (less firm). Try it for a month or so. If you don't like it, just return it (they will pick it up and donate it) for a full refund, and then worry about getting something else. There's really no risk at all.

For the record, I have the Casper and it's very nice.
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Also recommending the Casper. It's hella comfortable and just soft/firm enough for me.
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The nice thing about a too-firm mattress is that you can soften it with a topper (which seems to be the consensus in many situations).

If your mattress is too soft for your liking, you're SOL. So when I saw that the main complaint (if any) about Tuft and Needle was its superfirmness, I thought, "Eh, I can live with that."
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I bought a cheap Sleep Innovations mattress and threw a 2" firm latex topper on it. Best bed I've ever owned. I do have to rotate it ever few months, but it's always been fine when I do.
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