Renting/Borrowing a dog for walking tourism in New York (East Village)
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My sister, an avid dog walker in the English countryside, will be finding herself free for the day in New York on Thursday 25th June. She would love to spend that entire day walking a dog around while seeing the sights.

She’s staying in East Village but obviously could take public transport to another area. I’m sure subways, and most tourist attractions don’t welcome dogs, so it’s going to be sidewalks/parks only. There are enough resources online to organize a walking tour, so that's not an issue.

She’s an experienced dog walker and usually walks two male Rhodesian Ridgebacks. She would ideally like to walk a male medium to large (not small) dog with a short coat. Are there companies, pounds or kennels she could contact? Is this even a good idea? Any advice or insight would be very welcome.
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Barc in Williamburg has a volunteer dog walking program. I've done it, it's lovely, and I think most of their dogs would fit her profile. Lots of stuff to see on a walk around Williamsburg and it's an easy subway ride from the east village (nb: the L train isn't running on weekends at the moment but it's a quick trip on a weekday).
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One thing to be aware of is weather and terrain - it isn't great for dog paws to be on pavement/asphalt for too long and especially so if it's hot out. Exploring Central Park might be nice.
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Check your memail.
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Keep in mind that on the subway, all dogs need to be in carriers. I got a ticket once on the L for carrying a 6 lb maltese in a tote bag.

Taxis can also refuse dogs that are out of carriers, so she might need to use a pet taxi service if she wants to explore other neighborhoods.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I'll pass all the info on to my sister.

Terrain, weather and dog paw advice definitely noted.
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