Help find my precious minecraft seed?
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It seems there is so much churn, how can I find a seed from maybe 5 or 6 months ago? Beautiful savannah hills/valley, big ravine right in front of you at start, many many caves.

I got this seed off of one of the popular sites, but mucho searching has turned up nothing, there is too much new stuff. It was such a beautiful world and I would so much like to go back there, but I have no access to the computer I was using.

Start on a gentle slope, looking into a savannah valley surrounded by high hills. To your right is a forested hill, and a small group of horses right there.

The valley in front of you is dominated by a huge ravine.

The hills around the valley are riddled with caves.

To your left after a moment you'll be at a river, other side of it is a desert biome.

Behind you after a few minutes walk you'll be at the sea coast.

I know it's a long shot... any ideas?
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Doesn't sound familiar by description, but if you got it from a high-traffic, public source, I think your odds of finding it again are good.

I got this seed off of one of the popular sites, but mucho searching has turned up nothing, there is too much new stuff.

-This sounds like you mean you just got tired of going back through the archives after a while, not that it's actually missing. If so, give it another shot later when you have your search stamina back.

-What sites are you referring to? Do they have communities or owners you could ask? If nothing else pans out, I know /r/minecraft is a large, busy and knowledgeable place, so someone there could probably point you in a good direction at least.

-If you have a list of candidates but it's tedious to load and explore them all, AMIDST will quickly generate color-coded maps of any seed. (I use this program and can vouch that it is safe.)

Good luck!
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Do you know roughly when you found it and on what site? Using Google's search tools, you can limit your search to a specific site and time frame.
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Have you tried r/minecraftseeds?
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I was able to get a very patient person where my computer still exists to send me the save file.
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