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I'm thinking seriously about putting my home on the market (north of Boston). Which questions should I ask potential realtors?

This is my first home SALE. I briefly considered FSBO, but in MA there are quite a few hoops to jump through and I'm not confident I want to take on that learning curve.

I saw this AskMe, but it's on the buy side of the story. I assume some of the same criteria apply.

So... how do I find a decent realtor? What qualities would YOU look for on the sell side?

My insurance agent has an associated real estate brokerage, and they will charge me 4% as opposed to the standard 5%. That's great, but maybe other agents would do a better job for that extra 1%.
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The buyer's agent we used to buy our house is hungry for referrals, so if you know anyone who's had a good experience, find that agent! (I have a recommendation if you MeMail me)
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Whenever we've sold homes, we'be done the following:

1. Looked up records of recent transactions and identified the brokers who have sold the most apartments of comparable value in our neighborhood (in NYC, Streeteasy has this info).

2. Reviewed their websites to see which ones looked good, had decent photos of the houses, and were mobile friendly

3. Invited them to the house and asked them what their pricing strategy was, if there's anything they would recommend we change, etc. We also paid attention to the quality of their communications while we were setting the meetings.

We then picked the one we liked best; the answer depends on what you are looking for. We wanted to sell quickly and with little stress, so we picked the ones who were less aggressive with pricing and had the most sales, on the theory that bidding wars are stressful and they'd know who was already looking in the neighborhood. We've always been happy with the results.
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I would confirm that the realtor has experience in your geography. We didn't do this with our last sale and ended up wasting several valuable months of prime selling season because she wasn't really familiar with our immediate local market and comps. When we switched to someone ultra-local, we had a buyer within a week of re-listing.
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As another data point - the very first time we sold a house, we used a realtor who had just sold another house in our subdivision. She had carpet-bombed the other homes with "I just sold a house here" postcards. As with the subsequent time, she was totally plugged into the demand-side for houses in our immediate area and we had a quick sale.

The time in-between, we relied on a friend-of-a-friend sort of thing with not great results.
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1. Go to Zillow. Type in your ZIP code.
2. Click on 'Agent Finder'.
3. Click on 'Sort by: Recent Sales'.
4. Click on each agent's map.

You want the agent with the most sales in YOUR AREA, who isn't driving around several counties every day, who knows YOUR comps like the back of his/her hand.

The above should help you sort them. Then ask for the top few to do a CMA ("comprehensive market analysis!") for you. They should have a price in mind for your house, and you should choose the one where you agree with their reasoning.

Of the three I interviewed, one was blowing perfume up my a**, named a price that was 10% above what we sold for and showed comps that were above mine (ie, not the best comps). The second named a low number that was 15% BELOW what we sold for; even though she was very familiar with the area, she ... didn't seem to understand the details. The third knew every complex like the back of his hand, said "your place fits in between this one and that one and here's why", and named a price that was 2.5% above what I sold for. Which was ultimately probably the best sale in the area last summer.
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