Vegetarian dinners from the grill and slow cooker?
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I try not to turn on the oven in the summer, so I use our grill and slow cooker a lot. Looking for vegetarian main dishes using these two appliances.

My main-dish standards for the grill and slow cooker are meat-based, with a few exceptions. I'd like more vegetarian options for these two cooking methods.

Cooking for 2 adults + 4 kids (ages 2, 4, 6, & 8) -- I can adjust spiciness and add it back in for the adults, but if it's very challenging in terms of texture/taste, it probably won't fly for the littles. But go ahead and lay it on me; if it's really good, they can eat peanut butter toast.

Willing to brown things a bit on the stove, but no oven.
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Oh! Let me add that I'm asking you guys instead of Google because I'd like to know about things you've made and liked, so no need to link me to some content farm's "21 vegetarian slow-cooker dinners"; I can find that myself.
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Get a pizza stone for the grill... veggie pizzas grilled are great...

Asparagus on the grill (olive oil and a bit of seasoning)..

Use an iron frying pan to stir fry veggies on the grill...

If you need to warm up some bread, throwing a few Naans on the grill is a quick and easy way to have warm bread... (only a minute or two on each side...
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A mixed veggie grill is really nice: I especially like portobello mushrooms, corn on the cob, zucchini, asparagus, and bell peppers. You can also do cut-up vegetables in foil packets, and potatoes wrapped in foil and served with typical baked potato toppings. For dessert, grill pineapple slices and halved peaches.

This "chilli con veggie" recipe (with beans and lentils) is delicious and can be done in a slow cooker.
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This has a bit of stovetop work but since I just made it and it's amazing and vegan, I'll share it: Yellow Mole with Grilled Fennel and Portobello Mushroom
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Grill yourself some slices of halloumi cheese and drop it on mixed leaves, then drizzle with balsamic syrup.

This is the simplest, most delicious summer dinner there is, any argument to the contrary is wrong, end of.
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Piggy backing on what Greenish just said - kabobs. In fact that's what we're having for dinner tonight, yum yum yum. Grilled mushrooms, halloumi, pineapple... side of cous cous. Other things as you see fit - we've done cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers, pretty much if you can put a stick through it you can grill it as a kabob. The halloumi is really what makes it perfect though.
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Falafel with grilled veggies would be sublime IMO. Can I come over for dinner? You might also enjoy learning how to make grilled deserts -- pineapple upside down cake is a perennial fav at campsites in my area.
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Whole aubergines, grilled until they char and collapse, become perfect for scooping and blending into dips, or stuffing with cooked rice or couscous.
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Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker is a great cookbook. Like many slow-cooker books, this leans toward hearty winter fare, but there are a lot of good, solid vegetarian soups/stews and main dishes.
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I just ran across this list of slow cooker recipes on Oh My Veggies that I'm hoping to start moving into rotation soon. The site also has some nice no-cook options for the summer too.
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If you like tempeh, the Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh from Veganomicon is great (and not overly spicy if you use a milder hot sauce). I'd encourage you to check out the book, but that recipe is reprinted on a ton of blogs if you just want that.

Grilled eggplant made into a salad with tomatoes, capers, wine vinegar, olive oil and red onion is a total winner also. I got the idea from a 90s Martha Stewart recipe and have been making it for years now. I bet the original had feta or something similar in it too, but I've never used it.
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Another riff on the grilled vegetables thing: grilled veggie sandwiches. I typically use zucchini, red bell pepper, and onion, but mushrooms and/or eggplant would work too. Cut the vegetables into large slices, dress with olive oil and your favorite seasoning blend, and grill. Some sturdy bread, some soft cheese (I like boursin cheese for this, but any cheese would probably work -- even slices of harder cheese like cheddar or swiss), maybe some fresh spinach or lettuce or even basil, and you're set.
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This recipe for Grilled Portobella Sandwiches is lovely. (And you can warm the bread on the grill rather than in the broiler.)
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(Oops, I just noticed that version of the recipe uses a skillet rather than a grill. The cookbook version suggests grilling the mushrooms for three minutes per side.)
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Your basic tabbouleh seasonings (lemon juice, olive oil, lots of mint or parsley) are good with all kinds of grains. You could make white beans in the slow cooker, or quinoa in a rice cooker, mix with the dressing and tomatoes or feta to taste, and have a good substantial salad to go with your grilled vegetables.
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We make this grilled eggplant salad at least once a week in the summer.
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Can't help with the pressure cooker but here are some things we've grilled and have turned out great. I've not grilled at all before this summer, but what been a bit of a game changer for me is using a good marinade but most importantly cooking the veg through properly.

- Pizza (as mentioned above). You don't need a stone, just pre-grill and then slice the toppings, cook one side of the dough quick, turn over and then slather everything on, close the lid.
- Grilled eggplant and shiitake bruschetta. That marinade is SO GOOD.
- Roasted asparagus with pistachio puree. I've prefer fat asparagus as they don't go as stringy as the thin ones. This sauce is a lot but you can have it on sandwiches or other things.
- Grilled spiced cauliflower. Amazing.
- Grilled pita bread. We just use pizza dough, actually, and then fill with other grilled things.
- we have also grilled squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta. Just cook gently.

And for dessert:
- Fruit pie.
- grilled quince. Use that marinade in a pyrex pie dish covered with foil; grill for 45 mins to an hour.
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How about a vegetarian Lasagna in the slow cooker. Don't need to precook the noodles. I add TVP for protein and iron. Good luck!
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