Hold the whey, I just really want cheese curds
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Where can I find cheese curds in south/mid-PA?

In the near future, I'll be in mid-Pennsylvania for a work trip. I'm driving from southeast Virginia, so I'll be skirting DC taking I-64/95/70. I LOVE cheese curds and have been sorely lacking since I moved out of the midwest, so I am hoping this trip brings me close enough to buy some in person. I'll be 1-2 hours eastish of Pittsburgh.

Where can I get my cheese curd fix?
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The Penn State Creamery most definitely sells cheese curds at their store on campus. I've had them and they are squeaky and delicious. They also have great ice cream by the scoop, so the drive might be worth it. State College is about an hour's drive north of the turnpike from the Bedford exit. I don't really recall seeing cheese curds anywhere else around State College, but maybe you will find some place closer!
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Best answer: It's not the same as fresh from a creamery, but there are Wegmanses in that corridor and they often have Yancey's Fancy cheese curds in the cheese section. I have some in my fridge right now. They are good.
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Best answer: An hour east of Pittsburgh, on or near 70, you say? Let me strongly recommend Moo Echo Dairy, which is a Mennonite-run local dairy just outside Somerset, PA that has amazing Cheese Curds in a few varieties (plain, pizza, taco were the three they've had every time I was there), as well as several varieties of homemade Ice Cream, not to mention the best Sour Cream I've ever tasted.

Plus, if you will be traveling east from Pittsburgh on 70/The Turnpike, it's not even out of your way! Get off at the Donegal exit (91) and take 31 East towards Somerset. Just outside of Somerset on route 31, about 4 miles from Somerset's turnpike interchange (exit 110), Moo Echo will be on your right, right on 31 East (it's all by itself, with a sign along the road, you can't miss it.) Once you're done there, you can just continue to follow 31East into downtown Somerset and pick up the turnpike/70 again.

Definitely and highly recommended.
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Response by poster: Moo Echo Dairy looks perfect! I'll be heading west on 70, so it is perfectly on my way. I'll check out Wegman's too. Thanks a ton!
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