Renting a Minivan, but not at the airport?
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I am taking a family vacation to Cape Cod. I have to pick up my 90 year old grandmother at North Station after arriving at Boston Logan with a family of four.

We have a minivan on hold, for more than $1200. for the vacation which is ten days long.

The only lower price I can find is either off airport or through FlightCar. I was excited by the idea of Flightcar, but then thought better as I really do not have confidence that if something happens to the vehicle it will be remedied quickly on the road.

So, my only option as far as I can tell, is to try and get a rental outside the airport. But my mind boggles when I think abou tthe logistics. I have two kids in tow and after our flight (which we do once or twice a year), we really need to get to our destination asap.

But we are also picking up two other travellers at North Station, one of whom is ninety years old.

Is there some way, an easy way, that I can make this happen?
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Can you call a taxi service?
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Enterprise will come pick you up. I think you still have to go back to their nearest office and complete the check-in (unless technology has eradicated that step) but they tend to have little storefronts scattered around.
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Priceline has great deals. Enterprise seemed to have better prices outside of the airport, which seemed odd I'd thought that the best price would be at the airport.
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Have you considered Zipcar? At the time I checked, they have a Chrysler Town and Country minivan available at 35 Northampton Street in what looks like Cambridge or Somerville, available for $88 per day. It's still expensive for ten days, but not $1200. You can reserve it and take a cab to that location.

I don't do Zipcar anymore, since I don't rent cars in that way too often, but it was neat when I did it. They mail you an RFID access card, which you use to unlock only the car that you've reserved. The cost of gas is included; they include a Wright Express card in each car which you can use like a credit card at most gas stations.
posted by tckma at 2:52 PM on June 16, 2015 is almost always your best bet for car rentals.
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And yes, you'll find your best rental deals outside the airport. Logan has some ridiculous taxes on rental cars that you won't be charged if you rent elsewhere in the Boston area.

Taxi from airport to Zipcar location, then take the Zipcar to North Station and pick up your elderly traveling companion, then off to Cape Cod!
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Rent a cheap car at the airport, go pickup the cheaper minivan the next day and return the airport one.
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Sometimes offsite rentals will come pick you up from the airport. (I did this on Maui, which is not Boston, but it worked like a charm there. )

This was the sort of place I went with. It looks like there's an airport option.
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One option is to take the Silver Line from Logan Airport to World Trade Center. Reserve your minivan from this Enterprise location and have them pick you up at the MBTA station.

The Silver Line is a bus route that stops at each terminal. Signs in the arrival area point you to the bus stops.

North Station is a 15 minute drive from the Enterprise location.

Of course, you will have to check car availability/pricing, confirm that Enterprise will pick you up and decide if this arrangement is worth the hassle.
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I like Talk To Me Goose's suggestion. The Silver Line is easy to do, and I have found that Enterprise is one of the most flexible car rental companies doing business in New England. Just pay attention to office opening and closing times.
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There are also car rentals right near the Aquarium, which I used to use when I lived downtown and didn't have a car... Easy-ish subway ride, not too expensive via cab, or get a water taxi. Or there are car rentals at Haymarket, a short walk from North Station. Just take a cab.
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Response by poster: thanks, great tips. I gonna investigate them all!
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If you're a Costco member, check out I see a minivan for less than $800 for a random 10 days in July (picking up at BOS).
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