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Chinese instruction manual translation help needed.

I have a Sound Intone B3505 headset, which says it supports NFC so I'd like to try it out. But the English portion of the manual doesn't mention it at all.

The Chinese portion does picture. I tried using a Chinese OCR website and google translate but that didn't go so well.

Can anyone provide a translation? Or, does anyone know how to use the NFC on the B3505?
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How to Use: NFC cellphones touch the right earcup of the headphone within 10mm, and the Bluetooth headphone can be directly connected. (Before pairing through NFC function, please make sure your cellphone's NFC function is opened and the headphone is on pairing mode.)
Since it mentions 10mm, I'm guessing that's the English version of the picture you provided.
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NFC is some RFID ("Hey, there's a bluetooth device #41234234 with code 1234, which you could use mmmkay") and some Bluetooth to do the communication. A bluetooth device isn't going to get you anything new after you have already paired it. The pairing is all the NFC is supposed to make easier.
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It's something like this:
Code-match is the automatic [default] option. Activate a mobile phone with NFC capability, place it within about 10mm of the right earbud, at which point you can complete automatic linking to Bluetooth.
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If the headphone is NFC compatible (my Sony is), the headphone is charged and on, you make sure phone Bluetooth is on, then simply hold the phone and touch the right cup of the headphone. The phone should automatically pair with the headset, no BT scan, pair, and enter code needed. Do the same thing again to disconnect. In the future, tap again to connect, tap again to disconnect.

If it doesn't work, your phone is probably not NFC compatible . And in any case, you can always pair manually.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR IPHONE 6/6+: Apple's NFC is ONLY for Apple Pay. It will NOT work for this purpose.
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