Where should I get music packaging made in the UK
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Where can I get small-run, high-spec, right-on CD (and vinyl) packaging manufactured, ideally in the UK, but failing that elsewhere?

I run a UK-based (very) independent record label. Next year we will be releasing half a dozen CDs and a couple of 7" records. The runs for all of these releases will be around 500.

Most of our bands have a vaguely Arts-and-Craftsy look, and I have a thing for rough-around-the-edges packaging and boutique printing techniques. So we're looking for a printer that can handle the printing of around 500 CD cases like the Earthy Crunchie or Stumptown's Arigato Pak! and 4-Panel cases.

In fact, what we're really looking for is Stumptown printers, but in the UK and not Portland, OR. I've been enormously impressed with their customer services in my preliminary dealings with them. They may even be cheap enough to offset the increased cost of shipping and (presumably—I don't know how this works) VAT and excise duty, but, unless I can find a UK equivalent, I'll never know.

If it makes any difference, I understand this need only be done with an offset printing process (and not letterpress). Screen printing would be fine, but would presumably be expensive. I'm not an expert.

Bonus marks for businesses near Oxford, Bristol or London. And still more bonus marks for businesses without skanky websites with naff stock photography of women Waiting To Take My Call and spindles of CDRs. We don't need the same company to handle the CD replication, but it's not the end of the world if they insist on doing it.

I fully anticipate my UK search drawing a blank, so I do welcome further recommendations of Stumptown-equivalents in Ireland, mainland-Europe and the US and Canada.
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The Image Printing Co in Matlock, Derbyshire can do these. Quote from my mate, who's had stuff done there:
"cost about £500 for 1000 inc inserts and thick card but only one colour print. they can do various weights etc. i was really pleased with the results and they were really helpful. HOWEVER we did have to glue them together ourselves."
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