Comfy socks to gift a friend after her foot surgery?
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Has anyone had a pair of socks that were downright therapeutically cozy? Possibly engineered to be worn without shoes, exclusively for cozy time? I've got a friend who's getting out of foot surgery next month, and I'd like to send her socks that surround her feet in luxuriousness. I'm open to other little mailable foot comfort products too.
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Well, having had a foot surgery that didn't end well, I can say that socks may not be the best gift, since it may hurt too much to even have socks on.

Flip-flops could be an option, depending on where the surgery took place. A cursory Google search for "fluffy flip flops" came up with some good candidates, e.g.,

Another option might be LL Bean's Wicked Good Slippers, that are +1 size above her usual size. (There are cheaper knock-offs that would do just as well... any fur-lined slipper)

Here is some unsolicited advice: the doctors always say you can be "up and around in a few days," which is total crap. Keep that foot up for 2-3 times longer than the doctor orders!
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The most comfortable socks ever, which me and my partner still fight over after laundry day and on cold nights, are sold at places like ross and tjmaxx.

They're just generic boot socks, but they always seem to have this kind off and on randomly that are just obscenely thick. Like, matted wool grandma sweater that's gone through the wash and turned to fabric-granite thick. Closer to a half inch than not.

They're useless to actually wear with boots because they slide down easy(which also makes them super easy to put on! another bonus), but they're amazing slippers and bedwear.
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You want to search for "chenille socks" Or cashmere ones.
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I'd look for chenille super-fluffy slipper socks, with no-skid dots on the bottom, and either not cuff or a very short one. The more cuff there is, the harder it'll be to maneuver it over her foot.
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Every year, I get my best friend "Christmas socks," the comfiest socks imaginable, and I always get them at Bath & Body Works. Some have lotion built right into them. They're SOOOO soft!!
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When I had a badly sprained ankle the hospital put a length of stretchy tube material on it. It wasnt tight, nor loose, it felt just right and comforting and omg i adored it. It took me ages to wean myself off it and anytime i had a bad day and my foot ached I wore it to bed again. And suddenly i miss my security blanket foot thingy very much. *ahem*.

So as a sock alternative, maybe you could find or make something similar? I'm sure the hospital cut it off an industrial size thing of fabric tubing so there are probably similar leg warmers for feet for purchase elsewhere.

Otherwise I vote for wool socks because my feet never feel icky sweaty in them, just cosy.
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my feet never feel icky sweaty

Yes, that's the problem with chenille socks. They are incredibly soft but if it's polyester yarn, your feet are going to sweat and feel clammy/cold.
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Chenille socks are great for lounging!

I have both wool socks and chenille socks. I wear the wool socks to do sweaty active stuff outside in shoes. I wear the chenille socks when I'm swanning about in a vintage peignoir listening to records and eating chocolate ice cream in bed or whatever.

I wouldn't wear the chenille socks on a bike ride, and I wouldn't wear the wool socks to binge watch Orange is the New Black. It sounds like your friend is going to be doing more "chenille sock" activities, so that's where my vote is.

These look cute and easy to get on a foot that needs to be treated carefully.
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My mother bought me cashmere sock one year. I want to be buried in them.
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Thrummed socks or slippers are what you are looking for.
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there's a company called Earth Therapeutics and they sell comfy socks infused with aloe. and as xingcat said above, bed bath beyond sells socks infused with lotion.
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Nthing the chenille socks. I have had way too much foot surgery, and every time, those are the go-to Favorite Socks.

Tell her to put a small pillow down next to her feet underneath the covers, to hold them off her foot so she can sleep comfortably.
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If chilliness is a concern, Heat Holders socks would be a good choice. They are the softest, fluffiest thing that ever touched a human foot. The fit is very non-constricting. And though they're almost miraculously warm, they don't make your feet sweat.
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