Help me find interesting thing to learn about!
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I love researching historic things that I have never heard of, such as the Victorian chatelaine: [link]. What other items might I enjoy learning about? Thank you!
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Best answer: You would enjoy Low-Tech Magazine's Obsolete Technology category (and possibly a lot of the rest of the site)
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Best answer: Comptometers
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Best answer: Paint pigments! The Paris Review recently had an article on the History of Ultramarine.
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Best answer: Jacquard weaving. They were able to achieve complex patterns with simple punch cards
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Best answer: It's the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Well, I got to wondering-- what happened to Napoleon AFTER the battle? very interesting!

Find something in history which is interesting and pursue it. I love it when I read on Twitter that something happened on this day centuries ago, and always pursue that. I should have been a historian!

But just follow interests till you find something you don't want to move on from.
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Best answer: Automats!

Related Metafilter thread with more automat related links.
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Best answer: I found the history of the vibrator fascinating. I started with a book called the technology of orgasm, published 1999, and there's more recent debates about its analysis.
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Best answer: Quipus! Analog computers!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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If I had unlimited time, I would totally research heraldry and learn all the cool terminology and the meaning of colors, lions rampant vs lions passant, and all that groovy stuff.
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Response by poster: Oooh! Lookee what I found!

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