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Going to Puerto Vallarta soon, to stay at a small hotel in the Zona Romantica. The hotel offers an airport transfer service (into town at our arrival, out of town when we depart) for about $75 (US) round-trip. On the one hand this seems crazy expensive to me, but then I've never been to the area (and it's a half-hour ride each way) so maybe it's in line with local prices. Is this service a good idea or am I fine just hailing a taxi at the airport?
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Tripadvisor says the taxi is about 130 pesos (about USD$8.50). This other website says it's about 286 pesos (USD$18.50). Anyway, both are cheaper than your hotel's offer, so better take a cab at the airport.
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When I flew into the Dominican Republic a few years ago, there were a bunch of $20 cabs enthusiastically waiting to take me into the city. I didn't want a $20 cab! Finally I found a van tucked away off to one side where you could wait a half hour or so for it to fill, and then it would take you and a bunch of other people into the city. The price was similar in price to bus fare; more in line with my expectation for local prices.

If I were flying into PVR, I would look for something similar.
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Best answer: Here's another Trip Advisor post with more information about what to expect upon arrival. Looks like the different taxi prices may be due to the regulated airport fares versus leaving the airport and getting a cab elsewhere. When I was there two years ago, we had a shuttle from our hotel, but I do remember the whole area being very hectic. Especially read the part about the timeshare "tank" -- after picking up your luggage, you walk through this room with lots of people in various uniforms offering you welcome margaritas trying to get you to sign up for timeshare presentations. Don't stop! You have to pass through there to get to the taxi area.
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This website has some information on the taxis that are outside the airport vs regular taxis.

lots of other good info too!
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By the way, one way USD$75 taxi trips are pretty common in Cancun, maybe that's why they are charging that. Maybe some people think it's a reasonable rate. It might have fooled me, too.
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Best answer: PVR has fixed rate taxis. I don't recall what the fare is to Zona Romantico, but it's nothing terribly expensive. It's not hard to find, and they'll speak enough English to help you out.

There are some rather pushy tour sales in the airport too. The taxis are past that.
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aniola's talking about a combi or collectivo. I've seen those in other parts of Mexico, but I don't think I've seen them in PVR. If you want something like that though, I would ask at the airport!
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When I flew into Ixtapa, my local contacts said it was important to get a taxi from the official taxi stand at the airport, rather than one of the random guys soliciting at the door to the airport. I imagine there's an even more official stand at Puerto Vallarta
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