Where to find an authentic Moroccan Pouf in Seattle
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I'd like to buy a Moroccan pouf for my new livingroom but I'd rather not order one from Etsy if I can get one in person. I live in Seattle and would love to know if there are any shops around here where I might find such a thing - especially if you have actually seen one there and aren't just speculating.

I saw one in a shop in Portland the other week when I was down there, but I didn't get it because it wasn't a color I wanted, plus we're not buying new things until after we move (this Friday!).
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They have them at Pier 1 if you've got one near you.
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Response by poster: The ones at Pier 1 online aren't the authentic kind I'm looking for. Have you seen authentic ones in Pier 1 stores?
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I don't know how authentic they are, but costplus world market has a ton.
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Might be worth checking Hands of The World in the market, or maybe just even asking them if they'd know. I feel like I've seen them in some shop somewhere in Pike Place...
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