Birthday + Funeral. Ideas to brighten someone's day?
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My boyfriend has to go to a funeral out of town on his birthday. What can I do for him or sneak into his suitcase to brighten his day a little bit?
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Hand-written notes always make me feel better. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something telling him that you're thinking of him, hope he's able to have a happy birthday, whatever.
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If it's an international flight NOT fruit. Half the "drug" dogs you see at airports are actually agricultural produce dogs ask me how I know.

But more on the topic of what TO put in his suitcase, I would think a small note with a cute photograph just saying that your thoughts are with him.
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Definitely a hand written note saying nice things and words of support, but I would also include some sort of small packaged snack cake (little debbie, twinkie, wagon wheel, Ahh Caramel, whatever), one tiny birthday candle, and a match book, and then tell him to celebrate his birthday with that, and that you will have a bigger version of this when he gets back. And then get him (or bake him ) a properly fun birthday cake with candles and everything for when he comes home!
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Fold up a little note in a pair of his underpants or in the toe of a sock. Hilarious! Surprise stealth mode!
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Have you all seen the British comedy Death At A Funeral. It's side-splittingly funny. Watch it together before he goes.
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I like to take a page out of "How I Met Your Mother" at funerals and play the role of "vice girl".

I now bring any vice: chocolate bars, little bottles of liquor, aspirin/tylenol/advil, smokes and I'll let you grow your imagination from there. Whatever will get you through the day. And yes people do appreciate this.

Of course this depends on how close I am to the person, and how hard the funeral is going to be for them.
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