Need a bathing suit that's not a burqini
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Help: I lost a lot of weight and need a bathing suit.

As happens when you’ve been overweight/obese and lose a lot of weight, you actually get MORE jiggly—not less. While I’m in excellent physical shape, I’m left with a lot of wobbly bits that need help. And containment.

My breasts are large, deflated, asymmetrical, and need a LOT of support. I have a fair amount of loose skin on my thighs and stomach. One of my biggest frustrations is underarm/sideboob muffintop - loose skin and (fat? tissue? mysterious soft stuff?) spilleth over in all bras and sports bras, and it’s probably my most self conscious part, no matter how much I try and “tuck” it in.

I need a good bathing suit (not necessarily for serious swimming, but some beach/ocean/pool lounging) that contains it all, and makes me feel good. Is it possible?

I’m mid-30s, generally a size 4 in US clothes, 30 E/F chest. Style tends to fall somewhere in a mix of Anthropologie & J.Crew.
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I got this Tyr Solids Twisted Bra Controlfit one piece based on reviews and they were not kidding - a really good basic suit when you don't want to show skin but you want shape. I'm a size 10 with the same chest as you, and it holds everything in well (although with more cleavage than someone at a D would have, but reasonable), and as the material's comfortably strong, everything packed in stays where it should even through swimming laps and running around. It sits fairly low on the hip too, although you might feel better in tankini and boy-cut swimmers instead. I actually have had a burqini type swimsuit and racing style swimsuits and this is way more flattering overall even though it shows more skin technically.
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I have a larger chest than you and I can't wear anything but bra-sized swimwear - normal swimwear just doesn't have enough space up top, and if it did, it wouldn't hold anything in. I bought a swimsuit from Lands End's US site, thinking a 'tall' size (which they don't do in the UK) would fit. I couldn't actually get both boobs in there at once.

I assume you're in the US, otherwise I'd suggest heading to Bravissimo...but I tend to get my swimwear from Amazon or eBay as you can pick up past season stuff for almost nothing. Bravissimo do deliver to the US as well, I think. If you've lost a lot of weight, definitely get refitted if you haven't already.

I really like the Panache swimwear range. I have the Tallulah for lunchtime swimming at the outdoor pool near work and it fits perfectly. They also do tankinis and bikinis, depending on how much coverage you want - I think the Holly comes as a bikini top, tankini top, briefs and skirt-with-briefs, so you can mix and match. I also really like the Veronica - super annyoing that they don't do the teal one anymore.

If this came in my size I'd be all over it.
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I really like Title 9 Sports, which has a huge range of swim wear. I'm thinking that you might like the Amnesty Collection, which looks like regular, attractive swimwear, with lots of chest support, just a little bit looser fit. They also have nice rash guards and board shorts that coordinate with their various swim suits, if you prefer to be more covered up while still looking good.
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I just realized that the Amnesty doesn't come in as large cup sizes as what you need. I wonder if the Bodacious might work. Similar styling, bigger cups (but maybe still not big enough? sorry).
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Congrats on the weight loss! I had the same problem after I lost about 80 lbs a few years ago. I was super self conscious of all of the jiggly bits, and there were lots. I felt really good wearing super sexy rashguard stuff and things of that ilk. I found several really hot pieces on athleta and also free people. I still buy them. I felt sexy showing the parts I wanted to show...namely some cleavage and some stomach, but covering areas I felt self conscious about at the time - upper arms, thighs. The plus for me was being able to wear the pieces other places, and also the extra sun coverage (I hate tanning). I also loved that many are separates, so you can wear, say, boy short bottoms with a tshirt. Here's the free people stuff, I have several of those pieces and feel really great when I wear them. And I get a lot of compliments.
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I think Land's End has a great selection of bra-sized swimwear, and their customer service/return policy is great.
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The Coco Reef line has bra-sized suits. I got a tankini top off the clearance rack two years ago that I like a lot - the molded cups and the way they cut the sides are helpful.
You also might find something good in the "aquatic fitness" section on Swim Outlet. I like the Sporti one-piece I got this year. The fabric is dense, but not heavy, and it's got strong hold.
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A women's speedo might work well for this. They have really tough Lycra to keep everything in place. They also have a series of suits ("modest" or "conservative") that offer more coverage/containment if you want it. They have lots of cute designs and wild colors.

They can be pricey, but I've taken to ordering from and their prices are quite reasonable.
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Check out Miracle-suits on Cyberswim. Lots of styles, including underwire. I have lots of these, and feel well battened-down in them. No jiggle all.
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Full bust blog Hourglassy is doing a series of swimsuit reviews right now. The reviewers are different sizes, ages, and tastes and they're pretty thorough and honest with what they like and don't like about every part of the suits. Maybe check out some of the posts? Many of the resources for busty bras also sell swimsuits, like Bravissimo.

I am approximately your bust size, perhaps a bit bigger, a size or two smaller in clothes, and I have an Esther Williams classic sheath. I have to admit that it's not terribly supportive (halters both help and hinder, I think) and the cups could be roomier; however, it manages to be on the modest side (for a swimsuit) of coverage and sexy/stylish/cute at the same time. The ruching at the bust and over the belly is super flattering and the hip/bottom coverage is great. I got mine on eBay, but besides the EW website, Modcloth and many other retailers sell them (check it out for more pictures and alternate styles).

Thanks for asking this question, though; I'd love a bra-sized suit and am checking out the other answers.
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I just ordered a Seafolly boyleg one-piece from Anthropologie after trying on a return in-store for size. (Which, FYI, they run 1-2 sizes small. I wear a 0/2 and needed a size 4 in Seafolly, but if I had an average or larger bust instead of a pretty small bust, I'd probably be more comfortable in the size 6.) Their retro style is repeated in new patterns and sells out every year, and it gives lots of coverage.
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Lands End is where I used to get suits, but they haven't had any cute underwire bikini tops in a couple years. However since you're looking for something different, you might like their tankinis, great selection of bottoms, and rashgards. Read the size charts carefully and look for more "classic" colors and patterns (sometimes they get a little wild).
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