What is this thing?
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What is this mystery object? A friend found it at her parents' house. Nobody knows what it is.

I swear I've seen something like this before, maybe in the context of furniture or woodworking but I just can't place it.
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locking mechanism for an aluminum framed window or door.
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Looks a bit like those locks you see on the merchant glass display cases on the sliding panes.
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It doesn't seem like it would be a very effective locking mechanism to me. Sliding door glass locks look - in my experience - like this. It does look as it if were designed to be attached to a panel of metal, wood or glass: take off the knurled screw - insert the bolt through a whole in the material and then have another small hole meet with the metal - tighten it up. Now maybe the part at the left (and/or the right) can be used to drag the panel in a sliding motion. It looks a little like a drawer runner - but the knurling on the nut makes it look like it was built to be adjusted frequently. Not sure why.
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Try /r/whatisthisthing/
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I think it is half of a hinge for a glass door.
This bit would be on the back, with a slightly different piece on the front and it would hold the door in place with friction, adjustable with the knob there. There would probably be a felt pad or some such on the other side of that screw.
Something n that realm anyway.
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My three-hole paper puncher has a part like this. It can be adjusted for paper size with a similar knob.
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Bottom of a stapler?
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Yes, it looks like the page-size selector bit of a large multipage hole puncher.
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