What is this plant?
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A plant appeared next to my tomato plant in a balcony box and I'd like to know what exactly it is.

Photo. The flowers are tiny with 5 petals and there's one at the end of each of those long...stalks? seedpods?

Can I eat it?
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Hrm. I think it looks like soapwort. AKA Bouncing Bet.

Not of much use, but it does have saponification tendencies. I wouldn't eat it, myself. But it's very interesting. I'd pull it out and let my tomatoes have the bulk of the nutrients.

Maybe others can weigh in and tell me if I am correct.
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I get those everywhere and think they are fireweed. Kind of a nuisance but very easy to uproot.
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Yup, fireweed. Easy enough to get rid of. Do it before the seed pods open because the seeds spread like mad!
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I have those all over too! It looks like Epilobium parviflorum (small flowered willowherb). Closely related to fireweed but a different species. More photos.
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