Very odd DNS outcome
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Hi. From inside my very plain vanilla home network (192.168.0.x) the fairly well-known blog site resolves to, which is the address of my own DSL router. When I try to follow a link to a page on I'm soon looking at my modem's internal setup page. What gives? A few more details inside.

This happens whether I use Firefox, Chrome, or IE9, so it doesn't seem to be any kind of browser issue. Ping and tracert to get replies from (At least it's fast, heh.) I have checked my hosts file and see no local entry for there. I have flushed my DNS cache. (I have not flushed the modem's DNS cache or rebooted it; my daughter and some friends are using the net hot and heavy right now so I'll have to try that later.) I use three DNS servers (all AT+T, which is my ISP): Windows knows about (primary) and (secondary.) The modem knows about and

Please educate me about how this might be happening. I feel like this is something I should know, but then I feel that way about everything, and alas no.
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;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server
;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

Machine appears to be down, your modem might be defaulting to itself.
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FWIW, Down for Everyone currently says that looks down, and I can't get or to load. Pings time out, and traceroutes for it all say "unknown host [www.]"

On preview, agree with nickggully.
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I am not sure why your DNS setup is returning, but something seems to be wrong with resolving that name. The authoritative nameserver for it looks to be, but that server refuses to resolve an ip address for that name. My guess is that either someone tried to switch nameservers and did it incorrectly, or something is misconfigured at
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Best answer: Is your ISP trying to do DNS hijacking, incompetently?
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Best answer: It does look like attempted DNS hijacking. But you know what? The FCC's complaint system for net neutrality complaints went live just yesterday. And DNS hijacking is a pretty solid violation. Even with the faulty implementation, they're inappropriately redirecting traffic.

So assuming you're in the US, if you'd like to be a Citizen Hero, you can go file an official complaint right here.
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Response by poster: OK, switched my DNS servers to and Since others in the thread are telling us that is MIA for everybody today, this looks better as ping output...

Ping request could not find host

...than what I was seeing, which was replies from my own modem at an address on my own network. Thanks very much, folks, I'd say this one is solved. I'll send a quick message to also, ernie, thanks for the idea.
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A useful resource to see exactly what else your ISP might be screwing up (inadvertently or deliberately) is the ICSI Netalyzr. (Requires Java plugin to run.)
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