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Adding a CAREERS page on a website.

Looking to add a CAREERS page to a clients website. Probably would display a few dozen positions scattered around their many offices. Would need the ability for applicants to upload resumes/cover letters, manage, etc. Many of the packages I've reviewed seem too robust and complex for their needs. Workable seems the closest but it's $2000 p/y for listing only 10 active jobs. Any recommendations?
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You'll probably want a solution that works with their HR software. If their staff is above 50 in number, I can't imagine they aren't using some kind of HRIS.

Working with whatever (possibly sub-optimal from a design perspective) solution that comes with their HRIS would be for the best. This would allow them to see what leads/campaigns led to the most responses, the most qualified applicants, and so on.

If they really are a tiny shop, than I'd build this like any other content type. "Job posting" contains a publish state, title, description, location, recruiter contact, and an email form that goes to that recruiter and includes a mailto: link with subject line including a unique job number. Forget about user accounts or through the web file management.
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I've done this for a client in healthcare. As fontophilic says, create the content type in your CMS that has what you need. At that point I interfaced our job postings with forms software that emails the HR recruiter the form information along with download links in the email for attachments. It also CC's the submitter with the information. This has worked really well for them, and the forms software allows things like multi-page forms and e-signatures.
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Once the system is created it doesn't matter if you are posting 2 or 200 jobs. You are paying for the requirements. $2000 seems about right to me. I don't think anything you could piece together for less would end up suiting your needs.
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It's that "manage, etc" that potentially makes things expensive/difficult. If you just need to be able to take resumes and cover letters then, yes, what circular & fontophilic suggest is absolutely right. The complexity and details of your "manage, etc" - if they really are must-haves - are going to make things much, much more complicated in a hurry, and most options are (frankly) really terrible for users anyway. If you're finding expensive packages to be "too robust" and "too complex" then you definitely should be asking what you need that you can't get out of a "jobs" inbox and a some mailto links.
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