Generic names for this doll's clothes?
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Part way through a Photoshop birthday card project I realized it would funnier if I knew the correct names for this doll's clothes. I'm clueless about the dress. Probably clueless about the rest. Here's what I have: Platform shoes, Bell bottom pants.
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It's a bit hard to tell, but with the flip at the bottom, I think it's probably a sleeveless ruffled tunic (or pleated or layered tunic.) Here's a vintage Barbie outfit with sleeveless tunic, sans ruffle.) You can call it a "tunic" or "tunic top" for shorter.
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Best answer: You could also call it a "Twiggy dress" as an easy, iconic, more generic reference.
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I can't help with the clothes, but I immediately identified the character as Vaughn Bodé's Cheech Wizard. in drag.
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Yeah, what taz said; it's some kind of flared mini dress, but I like taz's suggestion of calling it a "Twiggy dress" because that's more evocative of a certain type of dress and time period.

Platform shoes is spot on.

And the pants are definitely bell bottoms, but I think you should refer to them as elephant bells (even though they're not quite full enough; authentic elephant bells cover the entire shoe) because it sounds funnier.

I had almost that exact outfit on (different patterns, but still...) in elementary school when, while chasing a boy, I tripped, face-planted on the cement in front of the library, and chipped my front tooth. I've hated those fucking pants and shoes ever since.

You can get a cleaner cut out using Vector Magic, btw.
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also Swing Dress.
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Look like leg warmers to me.
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Best answer: Leggings might be more generic than leg warmers.
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Leggings and leg warmers are both designed to be tight against the calves. Those pants are not. If you don't use the term bell-bottoms, you could also call them flairs.
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