"We're going to need a bigger Hatch"
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A clothing line similar to Hatch, but that offers a wider (hah) size range.

I was reading through Ask the other day and clickety clicked my way through this question to mchorn's answer to Hatch.

[life changed GASP]

What do I love about their clothes? Kind of floaty, no button, drapey, high quality fabrics, ethereal-but-in-a-solid-not-wispy kind of way. That possibly makes zero sense, but I loved their clothes, ok?

I am a much bigger woman than their size range allows for (5'5" 165 lb, size 12-14), and, while not pregnant, I carry so much weight in my belly that I am often given a seat on the train.

Does anyone know of any clothing line that is comparable in style but for larger sizes, and (I'm a big dreamer) maybe even a lower price point?
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Eileen Fisher? (sorry, can't link)
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Nuichan? Ofelpan?
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J Jill's Pure Jill line?
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It isn't curated into a single style grouping, but I think you could find some things on Eshakti that would fit your bill.

Tips on making them more affordable - order on their mobile site - you get a 20% discount. The first time you order, advanced customization is free and you get a discount (I think mine was $25 off) and then each time you order you get a coupon back. It's kind of like a shell game/ponzi scheme to keep you shopping there, but I've been working it to my advantage.
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Cos definitely has you covered and works for me (18ish) in some things even! Also have a look at Whistles although the price point is in the same neighborhood. They are having a sale right now! Some of the things at Violets (Mangoes plus line) may suit you as well!
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Looking for "lagenlook" might give you some inspiration (although it'll also give you some old hippie lady styles) - it's a name for that drapey layered style. I see similar pieces a lot on Etsy; I've had my eye on Aakasha for quite a while, but don't know firsthand what the quality or fit of their clothes is like.

I'm very close to you in size and build, and believe it or not, Forever 21 has some good drapey stuff I've loved. Not everything is in my size, but the drapey things tend to be pretty generously sized.
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I like Anthropologie and Madewell for this sort of thing-- not all their clothes but a goodly amount has that flowy, belly friendly cut. Not cheap but not nearly as pricey has that Hatch place (I mean wow.)
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Anthropologie carries a line called Puella that makes wonderful swing and trapeze styles of tops and dresses.

Puella is also sold via GoldenTote -- I normally buy through their boutique. I currently have all three versions of this dress, and it will be my summer uniform, with a pair of leggings.
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I have a similar body to you and I absolutely love Cut Loose clothing. The website shows (some of the) clothes to the worst possible affect, in the worst possible colors on the wrong body. Beyond all that, the clothes themselves are cut really well for us larger girls and the fabrics are very easy to care for. They are only available retail; I recommend seeing if a store near you carries them.
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You may want to check out Flax ( here's an online retailer). It's got a cult following -- the people who love it really, really love it. They also have a yearly barn sale where you can get their stuff at mega-discount.
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HolyClothing, maybe?
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