Looking for a software based audio mixed for OS X
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I am looking for a simple to use, Mac OS X based, audio mixer that my son can use to edit mp3 clips for a class project. And I need it today!

My son, who is 9, is doing a report for class and wants to present it as a radio interview. We have software to record clips and save them as mp3, but we need a way to mix the clips and any background sound fx. Multi-track capability is a must, and free, or low cost, would be great!

We are using an G3 iBook running OS X 10.4, if that makes a difference.
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Best answer: Audacity is the classic open-source answer.
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Best answer: remember that you need to separately download the mp3 encoder for audacity - detailed here - without that you cannot save as MP3.
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Tip -- When you save the clips and FX that go into the project, save as AIFF (uncompressed audio). Only save your final mix as MP3 (or just burn to CD uncompressed.)
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Response by poster: I forgot about Audacity! That may be the way to go. Thanks for the extra tips on the encoder.

(two good bits of advice from two seperate chris's!)

neustile, we're using an older G3, and GarageBand needs a G4 or better.
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If you have trouble with the encoder, remember that iTunes can convert just about anything into an MP3 file.
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Response by poster: FOLLOW UP: Audacity worked great, and we got his project finished in a couple hours. Thanks for the advice!
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